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An amazing Challenge, an Amazing Company!‏
If you’ve not done this then words cannot do it justice……If you like a challenge; The Welsh 3000 is a seriously tough one, way beyond Ironman and with none of the commercial glitz and glam of that which is a good thing…just a raw physical and mental slog and you are spurred on by the fantastic team around you, not just the Fitways team but your fellow participants, true teamwork and friendships made for life!
Nick, Simon and Roger are amazing and everything around you just happens, food, drink, navigation so all you have to do is put one foot in front of the other (quite a few times actually and for a very long time)…without a shadow of a doubt without them this challenge would not have been possible and their support enable us to push ourselves to the limit and beyond in a few cases, you really leave it all out there…no blood but lots of sweat and even a few tears!!!

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