Evan MacDonald > Annapurna Sanctuary Trek

Nepal is an amazing country to visit, although one of the poorest countries in the world, the Nepalese people seem happy, resilient and very peaceful. Even the animals such as dogs, cows, goats which roam freely exhibit the same tolerant, calm nature. A visit to Nepal begins in the vibrant city of Katmandu, but once out in the countryside the life is very different. November is harvesting time in the man made terraces which rise up the hillside, a tough time when you don’t have machinery to help you. Beyond the foothills rise the majestic snow covered Himalayas and a trek is the only way to get close to these amazing mountains. Our holiday exceeded expectations in every way and we would recommend a visit to this beautiful country with its wonderful people.
Our trip was organised by Fitways Adventures and we were very impressed by the personal touch, the calibre of the guides and quality of the holiday overall.

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