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My Kilimanjaro trip with Fitways was, without a doubt, the best thing I have ever done.
The difference between a Fitways trip vs others out there is the attention given to every tiny detail to ensure that you get the most from your adventure and gives memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Starting with the route itself, the Lemosho trail allows you to see the mountain in all its glory, plus has the added benefit of currently being very underused meaning you pretty much have it to yourself giving you an experience that many others will miss out on. The 7 day Fitways schedule gives you adequate acclimatisation so we all reached the top in best possible shape which made reaching the summit all the more breathtaking as you could truly take in the surroundings and what you’ve just achieved! What’s more, you have the benefit of a Western guide plus the handpicked Kili guides, the combination of which gives you absolutely everything you could need in terms of mountain experience and local knowledge (I came back with the ability to converse in Swahili!). Despite some initial reservations about the size of the task ahead, Nick and our guides made every single element of the climb achievable and more importantly an absolute pleasure at all times – there was not one moment of on the entire trip that I could have asked for more.
Keep it up Fitways, cant wait for the next adventure!

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